The Result....

When answering these questions on the previous page some of us answered “yes” to many of these questions....Some of us answered “yes” to just a few.


How many didn’t matter.


What mattered was how we felt inside and how crystal was affecting us. "Do I have a problem with crystal meth?” is a question only you can answer.

Can Crystal Meth Anonymous help you?

CMA is helping a lot of people. Maybe it can help you too. CMA is a group of people who used crystal until it became a serious problem. We support each other in sobriety through meetings and socializing together. We use a variety of techniques to create a safe environment and to stay clean. We use a twelve-step program based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The steps offer a plan for recovery that helps us repair the damage that crystal has caused.

This is a practical program, giving us the tools to stay clean one day at a time. Together we have found that we could stay clean and sober, and achieve a fulfilling life.

What can I do now?


The most important things you can do today are:

  • Don’t use crystal today;
  • Attend a CMA meeting. There are several meetings every week. 

At meetings, you will meet others who have found a solution. You will meet other people who want to help. We have all been through what you’re going through and we’ll help you to stop using crystal.


If you want help, you can find it in the fellowship of Crystal Meth Anonymous. You don't have to use crystal anyomre. You can have your life back.


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